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European Championships – 2014 – World Championships

EC Pörtschach Austria 2015                      WC Ulcinj Montenegro 2015

4.-7. May 2015                                             ? 

Announcement – Info – Hotels

Entry form PDF – Entry form .doc

Results – Photos

EC Pörtschach Austria 2014                      WC Albena Bulgaria 2014

5.-8. May 2014                                             31. August - 7. September 2014

Infos – Entry form – Hotels                           Infos –  Program and Entry form

Results – Media release                                Results

Photos                                                           Photos

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New statutes for the AITJ

The General Assembly of the AITJ has decided in 2010 that the associaton should be properly registered with new statutes. This decision in Belgrade means that all the captains must meet in an extraordinary General assembly or decide by internet. The members are still waiting for that vote organized by the President and the Board.


AITJ Statutes12 English

AITJ Statuten12 German

New legal association in Germany too expensive

Less countries in Budva – no extraordinary GA

Budva: New statutes and new AITJ Board?

Extraordinary General assembly

President's Open letter: Minute of Belgrade

Belgrade: New statutes for the AITJ

35 years of media tennis

Journalists have been meeting to compete on the tennis courts of Europe and once in Canada since 1978. It all started with an idea by the Italians who established the first tournament in Venice. In the last years 60 to 170 journalists from 15 to 25 countries in all age categories came together.
In May journalists compete regularly in the European Championships for Journalist Tennis Players in Portschach, Austria.
The World Championships 2015 will be held in Montenegro. more…

Tennis brings West and East together


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